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Childhood Psychology

Psychological Interventions

At YoungMinds we provide evidence based therapeutic interventions that are targeted to the needs of the young person.


We accept referrals, specifically focussed towards young people from age 12 up to the age of 25.

Medicare rebates are available following a referral from a GP.

To access this first visit your GP to access a Mental Health Care Plan. You are then entitled to 10 sessions during a calendar year, which covers a percentage of the clinician’s fee ($93.35.​)

We also provide psychological assessments including:

-Assessments of cognitive functioning (WISC/WAIS)

- Diagnostic assessments for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

At YoungMinds we have always provided services via telehealth, and this service is more important than ever in the current worldwide climate. 


We use an online platform called Halaxy to provide video conferencing services. This platform conforms to all the privacy requirements for telehealth in Australia and is fully encrypted to ensure your privacy even in the online environment.  

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